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Local retailers rang in the sales during last week’s Freeport Flash Friday promotions, hosted by the Invest Grand Bahama Small Business Bureau, (IGBSBB) of The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited (GBPA).  With more than 100-stores participating for the initiative’s 2nd year, the citywide sales event designed to stimulate the island’s economy, brought an even bigger and better shopping experience to residents. 

GBPA President, Ian Rolle, described the 2nd annual Freeport Flash Friday event as a success. “Freeport Flash Friday continues to gain traction as our one-day, citywide sales event, where shoppers have an opportunity to enjoy savings from a variety of participating stores.” Rolle commented.

Freeport chef wins local cooking competition presented by the Invest Grand Bahama Small Business Bureau (IGBSBB) of the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) Limited at the fifth annual Culinary Fusion Expo.

Chef Jasmine Roxbury is the official winner of the first annual Culinary Cook-Off.  Roxbury describes what her accomplishment means and says, “This means so much to me because I competed against a top chef and won.  I am so proud of myself and grateful to my family and customers who supported me all along the way.”  The winning chef remembers watching YouTube clips of Chopped Top Chef Ed Harris and acknowledges that she admires his skills and reflects that it feels surreal to have competed against him and win.  Roxbury recalls, “During the announcement of the winner, I heard them call my name and I just stood there in shock.  I was not expecting to hear my name, I was in a state of shock because it all seemed too good to be true.”

 Local food and beverage businesses are ready to turn up the heat for the 5th annual Culinary Fusion Expo, with the Invest Grand Bahama Small Business Bureau (IGBSBB) of The Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) Limited as title sponsor and key partner for the event.

Culinary Fusion will be held at the Grand Lucayan Hotel on Saturday, November 11 beginning at 4pm.  The event showcases the best in culinary talent on the island and provides mouth-watering treats in an idyllic venue.  Sean Johnson, organizer and president of Move Marketing says, “Culinary Fusion was created for the food and beverage industry.  We plan vigorously for a memorable event and so each year we aim to be better than the year before.”

“Grand Bahama is OPEN for business and rolling out the ‘red carpet’ to receive guests!” This was the resounding message heralded by the island’s key tourism stakeholders, at the 24th annual Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA), conference and tradeshow, in Merida, Mexico last week.

A four member team from Grand Bahama attended the FCCA event as part of a renewed alliance between The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited (GBPA), Freeport Harbour Company and The Bahamas’ Ministry of Tourism (MOT) offices  (both Grand Bahama and New Providence), to reintroduce the island’s tourism product to cruise lines, and address some of the challenges facing the destination.


The Hawksbill Creek Agreement (HCA) gave GBPA responsibility for the development, administration and management, and provision of services within an area called the 'Port Area' (230 sq. miles). GBPA was mandated by this Agreement to build a deep water harbour, an industrial community and required infrastructure for the City.



GBPA has achieved an astonishing amount since its inception in 1955.  When first created it was a Grand Bahamian business conglomerate charged not only with land and commercial development but also with all the regulatory and administrative functions of the Freeport/Lucaya.



Firstly, I wish to thank Joan Albury and the Counsellors for this platform enabling us to share with the Grand Bahama community, the outlook for our island! 2015 marks the 60th year of the birth of Freeport and the Hawksbill Creek Agreement; 60 years of a partnership between The Government of The Bahamas and The Grand Bahama Port Authority. I'm here to raise hopes for 2015 and to lay a few popular myths to rest - For those who don't know me, I am Sarah St George.